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2015-2019 Subaru OUTBACK Aluminum Engine Under Tray Skid Plate

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 2015-2019 5th Gen Subaru OUTBACK Aluminum Engine Under Tray Skid Plate

This aluminum skid plate/splash guard is a direct fit for your Subaru Outback.  It replaces the OEM plastic splash guard panel which offers little protection and generally has many problems.  It offers built-in trap doors for both oil drain plug and oil filter.  Unlike many splash shields and skid plates on the market, this also offers ventilation as well.   It comes with new hardware - especially important as this goes ALL THE WAY to your front bumper and doesn't stop at the radiator support - it will replace the stock push clips with speed nuts and bolts.  This will give your Outback support on the front end while maintaining optimal air channeling under the vehicle with this aluminum splash shield.  This skid plate will keep your engine bay clean and protect your vital components.  

*NOTE:  Due to lack of OEM bolt locations there are 4 spots where you will use self-tapping bolts (supplied).  You will need a socket adapter for the drill and a 3/8" socket (not included).


2015-2019 Subaru Outback

Installation Hardware is Included with each aluminum splash shield - It will replace the plastic clips on the bumper with a more permanent solution using bolts and speed nuts

  • MADE OF .063 ALUMINUM - only slightly heavier than stock (by ~ 1 lb) but hard aluminum resistant to denting and splitting
  • LASER CUT - Precise cuts to fit stock mounting points * CLEARANCE - Clearance as good as OEM or better, but stronger which improves airflow
  • RIGIDITY - Offers better protection while strengthening bumper support for better stability at high speeds
  • 3 PIECE DESIGN - Won't bend the whole thing if you hit a curb, and can replace only the front piece. Easier to work on your engine.
  • OIL DOOR - The OEM shroud offers little access to the filter. This built in oil door is accessible by removing 2 simple bolts.
  • VENTED DESIGN - Helps to aid with air flow and heat removal
2015-2019 Subaru Outback