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TBW Under Trays

Protecting your engine is very important, and the OEM splash shield doesn't do much.  Our Aluminum Under Trays are designed to be a direct fit OEM replacement for the stock shield (where existing) under the engine.  Not only will it protect better than the plastic splash guard, it will strengthen your bumper and make your vehicle easier to work on. 
Imagine not having to take the entire under tray off each time you change your oil!  Built in oil trap doors on on the under tray will make changing the oil a quick and clean process for your car.  Sleek, stylish, keeping the engine clean while offering much better protection. 

An aluminum engine under tray is an upgrade that offers several advantages over the OEM under tray that comes factory-installed on a vehicle. First and foremost, an aluminum under tray is significantly stronger than the OEM tray, which is typically made from plastic or composite materials. Often times they can even be lighter! This weight reduction can improve the vehicle's handling and acceleration, resulting in better overall performance.

In addition to weight savings, an aluminum under tray can also improve the vehicle's aerodynamics. The smooth surface of the tray reduces air turbulence under the car, which can improve fuel efficiency and reduce drag. This can also enhance the vehicle's overall appearance, giving it a sleeker, more streamlined look.

Another benefit of an aluminum under tray is its durability. Unlike plastic or composite materials, aluminum is highly resistant to impacts and can withstand harsh road conditions. This means that the under tray is less likely to crack or break over time, resulting in a longer lifespan for the component.

Overall, upgrading to an aluminum engine under tray is a smart investment for anyone looking to improve the performance, efficiency, and durability of their vehicle. By reducing weight, improving aerodynamics, and enhancing durability, an aluminum under tray can provide significant benefits to any car enthusiast or performance driver. So, if you want to take your vehicle to the next level, consider installing an aluminum engine under tray today!

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