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If you own a Subaru WRX, upgrading to an aluminum engine under tray can provide several benefits over the factory-installed OEM tray. The WRX comes with a plastic under tray that is prone to damage from debris and road conditions, making it less durable and less effective at protecting the engine components.

By switching to an aluminum under tray, you can improve the WRX's performance, efficiency, and durability. The aluminum material is significantly lighter than the OEM plastic tray, resulting in reduced weight and improved handling. Additionally, an aluminum under tray has a smoother surface that reduces air turbulence and drag, leading to better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

One crucial factor to consider when selecting an aluminum under tray for your WRX is the thickness of the material. Thicker trays offer increased strength and durability, but they can also add weight and may not provide as much of an aerodynamic advantage as thinner trays. A 1/8-inch-thick aluminum under tray is a popular choice for the WRX, as it provides a balance of strength, weight savings, and aerodynamics. However, if you plan on doing more aggressive driving, you may want to consider a thicker tray, such as a 3/16-inch-thick aluminum under tray, which provides greater protection and durability.

Overall, upgrading to an aluminum engine under tray is a smart investment for Subaru WRX owners looking to improve their vehicle's performance, efficiency, and durability. With options available for different thicknesses, you can choose the perfect under tray to meet your specific needs and driving style. So, whether you are a daily driver or a performance enthusiast, consider upgrading to an aluminum under tray for your WRX today.

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