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M56 & M56X (Y51) Aluminum Splash Shield Coming Soon

Posted by John on

So you bought yourself the latest in the great lineup of Infiniti's M series.  You've been thinking, "This is great but how can I spend more money on my car?"  Ok, probably not those exact words, but you've been wanting to make your car even better.  You may not like leaving things alone. 

Chances are, your new M37, M56, or M56X is still being broken in.  The stock plastic splash guard hasn't even fallen to pieces on you just yet.  Well, if it hasn't then it will.  But no need to wait til you encounter this problem.  Especially if you have decided to go against the standard ride height suggested by the Infiniti technicians.  Those of us who choose to ride low often have more issues with the extra costs associated with poor roads and debris left by others.

As with our other aluminum splash guards - we are developing and soon to be releasing an aluminum M56 and M56X splash guard under engine tray.  This will allow for quick and easy oil changes, extra aerodynamic stability, bumper support, and of course protection from the crap you may be encountering on your daily roads.  Only a pound or two heavier than the OEM under tray, this will keep your car protected but without any huge burden.

Here's a first test fit on a 2014 M56 (thanks to LVApeMan56 on for letting us use his car) - which is powered by the new VK56VD - 5.6L V8 pumping out 420 HP. The Y51 chassis is a solid platform to play with for those who do!

Here's the M56X version - Mounted On IlyaKol's (

Both versions may have a few modifications - possible vents or styling added. Plan to be available very soon. Shout out to the M group over on NICOclub.

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