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Anti Sway Roll Bars

Anti Sway Roll Bars

Jan 14th 2023

SWAY BARSAn anti-sway roll bar, also known as a sway bar or stabilizer bar, is a device that is designed to improve the stability and handling of a vehicle. It is a common feature on many modern vehicles and is particularly useful for vehicles that are prone to rolling over or experiencing significa …
M56 & M56X (Y51) Aluminum Splash Shield

M56 & M56X (Y51) Aluminum Splash Shield

Posted by John on Aug 26th 2015

So you bought yourself the latest in the great lineup of Infiniti's M series.  You've been thinking, "This is great but how can I spend more money on my car?"  Ok, probably not those exact words, but you've been wanting to make your car even better.  You may not like leaving things …

FX35 and FX45

Posted by John D on Dec 1st 2014

INTRODUCING....The Infiniti FX35 & FX45 Aluminum Splash ShieldWe are constantly trying to support and add new products.  Right now we are finalizing the FX35 and FX45 aluminum splash shields which should be available shortly.  We expect initial group buy from to close in …